TypeTime is a game that is designed to test a user's typing ability and develope their English vocabulary. The game asks for the user's name. Then it will present a word selected at random from a dictionary. The user is timed to see how fast they can type 10 consecutive words. If they are fast enough, their score will be saved as a highscore.

There are two versions of the game: easy and hard. The easy version selects words from a list of 200 easy to spell words (usually three to five letters long). The hard version selects words at random from a dictionary of about 20,000 words. These words range in their difficulty level and present a real challenge for all ages.

TypeTime was created for a school in Varanasi, India. The concept and implementation followed direct requests from students at the school and organization. The game has proven to improve students' typing ability and letter familiarization. To learn more about the school, please watch the short documentary I filmed during my time there!

Code for TypeTime is available on the github page found here!

To download a copy of the game, TypeTime, make sure you have Java installed on your machine and click the link below:
Download EASY VERSION here!
Download HARD VERSION here!

Demo Video for TypeTime.
Short film about Little Stars School, by Jonathan Wexler.

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