Brush Whatever is an application which offers a virtual whiteboard. On the whiteboard, there is a text box in which you can type the name of the brush you wish to use, the shape you wish to create, or text that you would like to print. You can also access image files from the same folder and use those to draw!

This java-based application is portable and adaptable as it allows the user to create his or her own brush class or drawing shapes. A brush class can feature a specific color or brush shape to appear on screen. A drawing shape is a hard coded algorithm to draw a shape with any given brush relative to the screen size.

This way, people can enjoy their own creations, but also have a starting point to work with.You can see the code on Brush Whatever's github page here!

Brush Whatever
A screen shot of the drawingboard.
Brush Whatever
Drawing "Hello" using the default brush.
Brush Whatever
Drawing "Hello" using the point brush.
Brush Whatever demo video.

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