Hello! I'm Jon.

I'm a software engineer specializing in web development and teaching application development concepts. I have instructed programming courses in Ruby on Rails and Node.js with Express.js, and conducted workshops in Philadelphia and New York City. As a former team lead and consultant in application development I'm always looking for better ways to collaborate with other developers and bridge the gap between the technical and non-technical groups in a company. My world revolves around technology, creativity, innovation, and exploration.

I'm currently a senior engineer at Bloomberg LP, lead developer at Logorithms LLC, and author of Get Programming with Node.js, through Manning Publications.


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  • Brandeis University
    December 2009-May 2013

    Bachelor of Science Degrees in Computer Science and Neuroscience

  • Where There Be Dragons
    August-December 2009

    Accredited university semester courses in India

  • Akiba Hebrew Academy
    August 2005-May 2009

    High School Diploma

Work Experience

  • Bloomberg LP
    February 2017-Present

    Senior Software Engineer
    Optimize network performance and coordinate data communication with backend services

    Work directly with product owners to build products that clients use to solve complex problems

    Develop in all levels of a web application stack, from the client to server side

  • Manning Publications
    December 2016-Present

    Author of Get Programming with Node.js
    Teach web development in Node.js in 34 fast-paced, fun, and practical lessons, on how to extend your existing JavaScript skills to write back-end code for your web applications

    Coordinate weekly editorial meetings and reviewer sessions

  • New York Code + Design Academy
    August 2015-February 2017

    Lead Developer/Academic Director
    Taught Intensive Web Development course in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and Rails framework

    Managed development team of 10 through agile workflow, testing, staging, and production environment deployments

    Oversaw curriculum development and build content for intensive courses in Ruby on Rails and Node.js used by thousands of students

  • Logorithms Design
    August 2014-Present

    Design logos, reports, and multimedia presentations for professionals and organizations

    Develop animated, responsive, and content-driven websites.

  • Klish Group, Inc.
    February-August 2014

    Technical Developer/Analyst
    Built components for large-scale corporate websites using HTML,CSS, XML, XSL, and JS, and designed database query tools in Java.
    Worked extensively with Eclipse IDE and HP Autonomy software.

    January 2013-Present

    Develop online multi-user social game for learning basic English in third-world countries
    Build framework from scratch using Ruby on Rails, Ajax, JavaScript, HTML and CSS

  • Little Stars School
    May-August 2013

    Technical Aid/Game Developer
    Developed two computer games, Typetime and ABC Race, to assist students in learning English
    Taught weekly computer classes to students and restructured administrative procedures in student admission process

  • Computer Science Department
    January-May 2013

    Teaching Assistant
    Lectured students weekly in advanced programming language course
    Held weekly office hours for small discussion groups and managed online grading system

  • Library and Technology Services (LTS)
    January 2011-May 2013

    Helpdesk Technician
    Provided in-person and telephone support to students, faculty, and staff using library or online resources
    Troubleshot supported network, operating systems, applications, and University systems

  • UIU-Jerusalem Venture Partners
    June-August 2012

    Android Developer/Software QA Tester
    Collaborated with coding team in quality assurance tests and in designing compatible features for mobile phones
    Constructed automation scripts in python to load APKs and run applications on various android devices

  • Burma Border Projects
    May-September 2011

    Psychological Counseling Aid/Database Administrator
    Constructed databases and reports detailing status of refugee children at medical clinic
    Organized programs to strengthen cultural connectivity and psychological counseling for Burmese youth in Thailand

  • Little Stars School
    October-December 2009

    English Teacher
    Designed and completed the school’s website, and organized method for Western volunteers to get involved
    Taught two hour-long English classes and developed activities for groups of up to 30 underprivileged Indian students

Free Parking Philadelphia is a web application utilizing geolocation and google maps through Meteor.JS. The app allows users in Philadelphia to know when it is free to park during the city's allotted free parking days.

GlobalVoice is a web application, using Meteor.JS, providing an online collaboration platform for youth around the world to communicate and discuss global issues.

SnappyQuiz started as as independent study project at Brandeis University, under Professor Tim Hickey. The project has developed as an interactive web-based application for learning English vocabulary as a second language. The application is written in Ruby on Rails.

Space Pirates is a 3D game designed in Blender. There are currently three levels in the game where the user controls a pirate ship in space to overcome enemies. The game may be downloaded from the link above.

Viva La Video is a small company, started by Jonathan Wexler, to digitize peoples' home videos or outdated multimedia. Viva La Video strives to bring old videos back to life, preserve them for future enjoyment, and facilitates cloud storage for easy reference.

ABC Race is a java-based application designed for an organization in Varanasi, India. The application serves as a learning tool for familiarizing children, who speak English as a second language, with the English keyboard. In ABC Race, individual users must type a randomized arrangement of the alphabet in order and as fast as possible.

TypeTime is a java-based application that tests a user's typing speed and ability. Currently, there are two version of the game: an easy version that randomly selects from a list of 200 two to five letter words, and a hard version that randomly selects words from a 20,000 word dictionary. The top 20 fastest times for collections of 10 randomly selected words are saved as high scores.

Brush Whatever is a java-based application that provides a virtual whiteboard for drawing. The application offers four virtual paintbrushes (dotted-line, solid-line, text-printing, and image-printing). Additionally, the program offers a multitude of shapes that the applicaiton will draw on the screen with the selected brush. Code portability allows for user-specified enhancements.

TypeTyme is an online adaptation of TypeTime. In this online version using Ruby on Rails, the user will be presented with 10 randomly selected words. They will hear the pronunciation of the word, and must type the word as fast as they can. At the end of the segment, the user can see their average typing speed and look up definitions of words they just typed.

ReDetour is a site using Ruby on Rails and a specific gem, "Nokogiri." The intention of this site is to pull content from and present it in a more appealing way for desktop computers, tablets, and smart phones. Here, the focus is on images, gifs, videos, and new articles! Jon

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